image for book“Everything happens for a reason”, I am a big believer in this statement. All of the events and experiences that have happened in my past have brought me closer to my calling and helped me come into the person I am today. It hasn’t always been this way for me, I haven’t always been on the good juju train or peaceful or “zen“, but I chose to follow the universes lead and put faith in the journey ahead of me. At first I thought I was just opening my own Yoga studio, bringing the mind, body, and soul connection to my community, but boy was I wrong.

Instead I was opening a door to a whole other world, a place of tranquility, a place of love, a place of spiritual enlightenment. I was able to help the people I met make amazing life changes. My words led them to stop focusing on the negative, to get healthy, to start making their happiness a top priority! I began to play around with holistic healing and meditations a little more, and this is when I found my calling. I felt a new light radiating from inside me and the need to share my gift with the world! I began to branch out by recording and selling my guided yoga & meditations on Itunes, posting them on Youtube, and the results were amazing! The emails started pouring in, the thank you’s, the success stories. People started coming to me saying that my messages had touched them!

Shortly after came a down pour of gifts from the universe. Every day seemed to be a little brighter. Every breath seemed a little sweeter. Every situation, every outing, every invite revealed itself to have an underlying miracle! I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to meet many amazing people in my industry and people out of my industry. I’ve gotten to hear the words of wisdom from people who have come before me. I’ve gotten to team up with some pretty AMAZING people who turned me onto the world of books and publishing. Without ever taking that first step of putting my faith into something I couldn’t see, I would’ve never gotten the opportunity to find out what my passion was, who I was. I have been blessed in so many ways, and continue to be blessed every day by just being able me to share my gifts with others through my studio, audio, print, and the media.


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