Today I want to talk about age. Wherever you are in  your life, whatever you are feeling, just honor it.

Are you limiting your self according to your age?

Everyone is different, everyone is unique, but we all deserve the same respect. Our biological age is just that, biological. Our true age is in our soul, it is in our  mind. Surround your self with wonderful and incredible people and uplift your self daily. Don’t allow others to tell you what is wrong with life, or what is wrong with them. Tell them to stop focusing on what is wrong. Whatever you focus on is what you will end up thinking about.

I have noticed sometimes that some women are sensitive to age, they expect to be a certain place depending on how old they age. Don’t compare your self to others. Enjoy your life. Wherever you are in life, your homework is to start making a date with life. Whether you go to the movies, or go out for dinner, it doesn’t matter. Find a new vitality in your life. But you have to allow your self to step out of what you think you should be doing, or where you should be at because of the number on your birth certificate. You are much  more than what you think you are.

Give your self a chance to go beyond the limitations that society places on you, move forward and grab everything life has to offer.

Let your self go.


Jodie Baudek

copyright 2016 Jodie Baudek All Rights Reserved.

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