Last week was really powerful. Sometimes when the Universe sits you down and says ‘shush’ it means it is time to slow down. My voice was really hoarse and I saw that as a sign from the Universe to slow down. What happens when you are not doing well? Well, I suggest you do something for your self. A lot of times we get physically ill when something is out of alignment. Could you be doing too much? Not resting enough? Taking care of your self is the greatest way to be able to take care of others.

glass ceilingI am in a huge transition right now, and things are ending, as well as new things are beginning. It’s okay to make a change. It’s okay to expand beyond your limits. When we expand, we can start to move away the blocks that we have put in our own path.

Last week I was focusing on breaking that glass ceiling. A lot of us put limits on ourselves without evening knowing. Are you constantly playing an old tape in your head from years ago? Change out those beliefs that you have and break that glass ceiling. Whatever that glass ceiling is for you. It could be financial, physical, relationships, or anything you have been striving for yet just not able to attain. By being grateful for change you allow what is in your best interest to unfold.

Do you remember when I said that Universe has a very odd sense of humor? Well, eventually whatever you ask for you will receive. But, do you resist the change you have been asking for? Maybe you are in the transition in your life and moving forward. Don’t forget that transition is necessary.

I have talked a lot before about manifesting your dream. But did you know, you are co-creating with people all the time? Co-creating is manifesting and creating your goals, but it is much more than that. The reality is you are always creating with the energy around you. We create our lives with our thoughts and actions, with the universe, and who you share your dreams with. Set your self in the beautiful vibration of creating and drawing in what you want in your life. Surround your self with the vibrational energy that you need to achieve your dreams.

I have been taking webinars, online classes, reading books, and surrounding myself with people who are moving in the same direction: Creating the greatest version of themselves they can be. By being open to learning from others, I was able to break my glass ceiling and get on stage to talk at a Lisa Nichols event. I had no idea that would happen, I was just happy to be able to attend one of her events. She recognized me from the Steve Harvey show and asked me to come on stage. I really appreciate the opportunity she gave me to break my glass ceiling.

By sending others you know this podcast you can be helping others to break their glass ceiling too. Our downloads are huge and we don’t advertise. So it is just people like you listening and sharing with others you care about.

Do you have a gift you can share with others? Break your glass ceiling by sharing with others. But, remember to be authentic. You don’t have to be a carbon copy of someone else.

Be your own true authentic self.

If you want to co-create you need to be your self.

Co-creation is an amazing part of life and I hope you join us on your journey.


Jodie Baudek

copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved



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