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You will be experiencing a 360 Degree Lifestyle and Wellness session where we focus on all aspects of your life. Setting goals and finding your central focus, looking deep into your personal and business/work life, health and wellness, self-reflection, and challenging the mind and body through different exercises.

“Jodie enlightened and awakened me in a way that no one else ever has. She had the guts and kindness to tell me things about myself that I did not see until she pointed them out to me. Sometimes things can be hard to hear but when they’re coming from a place of love, like with Jodie, they can be so powerful and empowering. Jodie helped me to see that I was hiding behind something for so many years as a way to avoid myself. Today, with Jodie’s help, I am a more secure, aware and happy person. I feel blessed and grateful to have her in my life.”

Love you!🤗

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Get The Best Results

For the best results, and the best use of your time and mine, I would like to have you commit to a minimum of 8 weeks of coaching. I have found in the past that when things begin to surface or a plateau is being passed, people tend to back down because transformation can be uncomfortable and a hard thing for some to face. By committing we can work to push passed those points together!


Weekly Sessions

We would set up a time once a week for an Hour Call Session face to face either via Skype or Facetime. At the end of each session you will be assigned tasks and homework for the week to be completed. By staying committed and doing the weekly homework you ensure you will push through those limitations.

Keep Up Your Momentum

In addition to our face to face calls you will receive support through e-mail as well. Between our phone calls we will have 4 back and forth emails where you can respond to me about how the homework is going and also any questions you would like to be addressed in the next Call Session.

For years I have been trying to figure out how some people have so much ambition and motivation and I don’t. Of course like most people I want to be successful but didn’t have the drive that I see in others. In one phone call with Jodie I now have a simple, easy and doable strategy to create and possess the motivation and ambition I have admired in others and have wanted for myself for so long! Thank you Jodie❤️

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