This is part two of a series of interviews with Dr. Demartini on how to create synchronicity in your life and ensure that you are really ready to succeed and fulfill your dreams. Dr. Jim and Jodie Interview Dr. John Demartini, Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Internationally Published Author. Dr. Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. To find out more about Dr. Demartini and his work please visit:

Hello Everybody!

We got to sit down with Dr. John Demartini and there was so many valuable insights shared we had to split that interview. So now we have multiple videos to share with you because there was so much powerful information we don’t want you to miss any of it.  It was very interesting to work with him. We told him, we thought it was a great gift that he had to be able to impact so many people, and he said” it’s not a gift, it’s hard work.” There are a lot of times when we see people and the only thing we focus on is the end result, and we never see the years and the time and the effort they put to get where they are at. Dr. Martini recognized that and reminded us that ‘this isn’t a gift’ he really put his effort and hard work into it. There was no magic. And that is such an important concept for us to realize, especially if we want to be able to succeed at achieving our goals.

One of my colleagues, Dr. Chris Zaino, whom I hope will be coming on the show soon, is a great example of what we have to be willing to do in order to be successful. He was Mr. Olympia, and his work ethic is ridiculous. A kid asked him how do you get arms like that? And he said “27 years” and the kid started laughing. And he said “no, when you were at the club I was sleeping, when you were skipping meals I was eating.”  It takes a lot of work and people forget how much work it takes to attain your goals. We asked Dr. Demartini what he would suggest to someone who feels stuck but sees somebody successful and wants to take action and wants to have something bigger in their life but they just feel like they are not going to get there and can’t do it. He said it was impossible not to get what you want if you never give up on it, and he always reminded himself that if he never gave up, everyone else will die out eventually! Out live every body else. If you really want something you won’t give up on it. Anytime you give up on something it wasn’t really important to you. So, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, but if you are willing to put in the work, the time and the energy, you will eventually get where you want to be. Even in our case, it has taken a while to get where we are today too.

Actually it has been a year soon since we started working together. We put our cameras on book shelves, the lighting was awful, but the content was great. But now look at us, we have our own Production Company and we are interviewing people around the world, and being asked by others to come on our show. And we still have a lot of growing to do. But, it really took a lot of time and hard work. Don’t think anyone who is successful hasn’t struggled. That is when you reach out and ask people to help you. That is why we are creating these videos for you to watch and learn.  You inspired us to start this show. You inspire us to continue filming and sharing everything we can with you. We are on a journey together but you have to keep on growing.

Now get your pen and paper!

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