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After taking planes, trains and automobiles and going against some crazy weather, we finally made it to Denver to interview Dr. Chris Zaino.

Dr. Chris’s story is amazing. It’s about pushing yourself to your greatest potential and not giving in to anything. After overcoming a life threatening illness, he then studied to become a doctor to help others and serve. He is ready to accomplish great things in life and doesn’t apologize for wanting to be the best version of himself possible. His latest adventure on YouTube, HERO, came from a moment of universal synchronicity, where he came to an awakening to the theme of his entire life. He teaches people about the innate intelligence inside of everyone. The true genius inside is usually untapped. Everybody has a hero, but sometimes we live a secret identity because we live other people’s values. Today’s show is how to to let go of that secret identity and become the true hero you were meant to be.

Please pay attention to this insightful interview about how to experience fulfillment, be authentic and embrace that hero inside of everyone.

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Dr. Jim and Jodie




More about Dr. Zaino

Dr. Zaino is a corrective care chiropractic striving to help as many people reach their full God-given health potential. Through being an avid researcher, he consistently and passionately teaches his patients on how the body functions and the best ways to eat and exercise. Through many life experiences, like becoming Mr. America and facing a life threatening disease, he is seasoned and experienced with the ups and downs people experience with the human body.

Through of all these life experiences, he was being prepared for his ultimate work in life. That work was helping people reach their full God-given health potential. Throughout his graduate school career at the prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic, he succeeded by consistently studying and researching the most effective ways to be healthy. As an avid researcher, Dr. Zaino continues his education by staying abreast of the most up to date research on body functionality, eating plans and exercise principles.

Dr. Zaino’s passion is to educate and support as many families as possible so they can reach their God-given health potential through natural chiropractic care. Over the past three years, he has seen God take a dream and make it a reality, as Abundant Life Chiropractic is now the largest clinic in the world. Abundant Life and Dr. Zaino will continue to educate more and more people on the principles of how the body functions and the importance of honoring God with the body through eating wisely and exercising.

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