This week I would like to work on a few different relationship issues.

Do you have a relationship that needs a little bit of work, or maybe even one that you would like to take to the next level?

Today we discuss some easy ways to work on relationships that we often thought we couldn’t change, or make better.

What are some things that are interfering with you enjoying meaningful, fulfilling relationships with others?

always evolving and growingDon’t we all start relationships with others for a certain reason? Unless it is immediate family when we are young, for the most part we choose the people we spend time with. How do you get back to that place where you were excited to be with those you care about? We can have an abundance of positive, supportive and encouraging relationships that can help us to move forward and appreciate this amazing life.

What is the most relationship that you have? The one with your self.

I also would like to share a little trick I use to live in a state of abundance, that was very easy and fun! Do you often think that having enough is beyond your means right now? You deserve to not only have an abundance of people who nurture you, you deserve to have abundance of wealth too.

What other areas do you need to work on? We are always evolving and growing. You can make little choices that help you to get where you want. You can you enjoy this journey that you are on.

Aren’t you worth it?

You need to allow your self to step into your greatness.

But you don’t need to do it alone. We have a community here you can tap into at any time. We have free webinars, blogs, radio programs, youtube tv episodes all created with you in mind.

Jodie Baudek
copyright 2015 Jodie Baudek All Rights Reserved

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