Today I want to talk to you guys about something I am choosing to make my mantra for the entire year.

Love, Laugh, Give and Dream Big.

We are all destined for greatness but sometimes we don’t love our self enough, or we may even feel if we do step into our greatness, our loved ones won’t come along with us. You don’t really know what others will do, or how they will react to you making positive changes in your life. But, you can trust that you will be a better spouse, or friend, or teacher, and person, if you love your self enough to move forward.

LaughWhat about laughter? Are you laughing enough? This question may sound silly to you but laughter is the best healing medicine that you could ask for. If you are depressed, get out and surround your self with really great people. Go watch a comedy, accept that invitation to the party you don’t feel like going to. Laughter is contagious and it brings people together from all different walks of life. Don’t be afraid to let your self go a little and find that laughter waiting inside. Look at life through the eyes of a child and tap into that wonder and awe they have.

What about forgiveness? The one person we don’t often forgive is our self. Are you so goal orientated that you beat your self up when you aren’t able to accomplish what you want right away? Did you stay in a relationship that you knew better to stay in, or did you not trust your intuition? I want you to stop beating your self up! Start forgiving your self. But, I don’t want you to stop there, forgive others too. People are doing the best they can and sometimes they don’t even know what they have done.

What about giving? Have you ever heard when you give you also receive? Let your self give. When you give, you learn to let go. Give people permission to live their own journey, that is their journey. What is your journey? How many times have you shrunk back in your life and you were afraid that everything you wanted was starting to happen? Don’t let fear of success sabotage your choice to achieve what you have set your mind to.


What are your dreams?

You may have a dream, which maybe just one brick on a long path.

From that brick you can start building and creating something new everyday.

Say yes to those opportunities that show up.

Sometimes that dream is going to be for a season or reason to help you with your next dream.

What is one of the best ways to give back to the world? It is to inspire. Maybe your path hasn’t been taken by others. You can help others along their path by inspiring them. You have no idea who is watching you and paying attention. Dream big and laugh along the way and find forgiveness when things don’t work out the way you think they should.

There is so much guidance that we don’t often pay attention to. Sometimes we have to get out of our own way.

This week I want you to…

Love, Laugh, Give and Dream Big.

Celebrate your small accomplishments, it’s not about the big things, it’s about every brick that you lay along this journey called life.


Jodie Baudek

copyright 2015 Jodie Baudek All Rights Reserved



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