Today I want to talk to you about writing the next best chapter of your life. You might doubt that it can be possible, but you are the one who gets to write your story. Things may seem challenging right now, things may even seem a little overwhelming: But, you have to tell your self that your life is incredible, and then start to pay attention to all the signs that it really is.

If you choose to do things differently, maybe those overwhelming things won’t keep showing up for you.

WriteTheNextBestChapterofYourLifeThis show is about how to make some changes.

When you are at home and feeling sad and blue, change your address. Does the mean I want you to move? No, I want you to get out of your space and go meet up with some people. Check out your community. Start networking. Start meeting incredible people and building amazing relationships.

Maybe you finances are not in order, is that a reflection of something else in your life? Are you eating to nourish and support your self.  Or are you nightly going and buying over priced fast foods? Are you eating when you are hungry or over eating out of boredom or sorrow?

Start doing things that can help and maintain your physical health. And focusing on being healthy does not have to mean hyper focusing on what might be “wrong” either. There are many different ways to get your self back in order.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

It is so much easier to focus on the negative in life. But lets exert a little more energy and try to see what is right with your world. Get your self connected with those of like minds, with those who want to help others and help themselves.

Grab opportunities that you would not normally consider. What if that opportunity was a gift from the Universe and you turned it down? Challenge your self to get to the next level. The people you admire have something in common. They pushed themselves, they challenges themselves, and they did not give up.

In order to write the next best chapter of your life, take time out for you. You might change somebody’s life just by changing your own.

I challenge you to do something that scares you. Use that fear to motivate you to overcome your own self-imposed limitation. What are you goals? What are you grateful for? What is your action plan?

Let the Universe show up for you.

I believe in you, I really want you to believe in your self.


Jodie Baudek

copyright 2015 Jodie Baudek All Rights Reserved

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