Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to tell you about the new studio in Chicago. I just gotta tell you, get the hell out of your own way… seriously. When opportunity comes just say yes. I don’t care if you are shaking in your boots: Just say yes. Because, it all turns out the way it is supposed to.

Sometimes you ask for changes in your life, and when the blessing show up your like oh crap, my life is going to change, oh my gosh… what if I do this, then this is going to happen?

But, what if you don’t take that chance? What if you don’t take that leap of faith?

So, how do you take a leap of faith? Think about what will happen if you don’t. You ask for things to change because you want the change, if you don’t take that leap, nothing will change. You all know I love LA and I love Chicago, but I’m also a burb girl, and being in the city makes me appreciate spending time in the burbs too. But, I have to tell you being up here in Chicago allows a lot of opportunity to happen and allows us to share what we have created. We weren’t able to reach enough people in the burbs so we decided to expand. Now that we are in Chicago we can have more interviews and workshops to help you attain your goals, and reach new heights.

I know you guys have been asking me to answer how things happened, how did they unravel? What happened was, I just took my hands off the steering wheel. I realized that something big was showing up but I was blocking it because, I was afraid. I was afraid of all the things that would happen if I started allowing all these blessings in my life. But, you don’t have to let go of all the good things in your life in order to receive more blessings, just open your self up to have more of what you really want.  So, use that fear to motivate you to move forward. It’s not really fear, it’s excitement.

So in reality, it’s not that I am afraid, or that I am scared of what can go wrong. I am afraid because it is a beautiful scary thing, all my dreams are going to happen. What if everything you even wanted is about to happen but you are blocking it out of fear? It’s time to level up, go ahead and say yes.

Go ahead and just say yes! Take that leap of faith… and send in your stories, I love to read them.

Namaste Jodie Baudek

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