This is part three of a series of interviews with Dr. Demartini on how to create synchronicity in your life and ensure that you are really ready to succeed and fulfill your dreams. Dr. Jim and Jodie Interview Dr. John Demartini, Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Internationally Published Author. Dr. Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. To find out more about Dr. Demartini and his work please visit:

Hello Everybody!

So, today is the last part of the Dr. Demartini series.  He shares with us about how to evaluate your value system which is absolutely necessary in order to achieve any goal. Have you ever just wanted to achieve something or set a goal, and then you find yourself days or weeks into it and fizzled out, and not wanting to do the daily tasks needed to achieve that goal?

Your values and foundations are almost the same, so you have to make sure that is what you really want. We asked Dr. Demartinini, what type of advice would he give to somebody who wants to lose weight, or get healthier, or achieve any goal they want.  His answer was simple, yet powerful. He shared that anytime you want to excel at something, or commit to something, if it is not highest on your value system it won’t work. You have to choose, get real and find out what you really value, and what your life actually  demonstrates is important. What you think you want, may not be what you really want. What do you keep being distracted by that you keep doing instead? And maybe that is what you really want.

Whatever you make a decision on, is based on your thought of what is advantageous and disadvantageous. But, if you think you should do something, it is an injection from somebody else. It is not coming from your own heart. If something is really important to you, if it is something that you really want, then no one needs to remind you to do it. Get clear about what you really value and honor it.The first thing you have to do is determine what it is you really want. If you are not achieving what you want, then it is not your highest value.

We also talked about being of service to others. What drives you to want to serve others? There has to be some benefit to you. If you are not having a fair exchange then the altruism will turn into narcissism. Fair exchange is what builds and maintains relationships, business, and many other areas of life. Make sure you are in equity with your self and others. When you find that blend, it opens up doorways to many new opportunities.

We are really honored to have been given the opportunity to interview Dr. Demartini and we hope you benefit from this video as much as we have. Don’t forget to keep sending in your comments and questions for future shows.

Dr. Jim and Jodie

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