Greetings Everyone,

Welcome back, I am so excited to make this announcement. We are coming out with a new online course called, “Leveling Up.” You asked for the next level to the Six Week Change Your Life Program and we are committed to sitting down and creating a whole new course for you.

If you haven’t done the last program, 6 Week Change Your Life, please try it out. People have really transformed their lives. My Book, Pssst…Wanna Get Out Of Your Own Way,  goes with the program too, but if you want to just jump ahead and join us for ‘Level Up’ we will be happy to work with you. So, with ‘Level Up’ we are going to have a course each week which you will work on for the that entire week. We will have five or six different subjects that people said were issues they wanted help with.

One thing we are going to talk about is money. We are going to have a very dignified conversation about money. Because a lot of times people see money as taboo. Imagine what you can do for your self and the other people in your life if you didn’t’ have the stress of not having enough funds? If you allow your self to receive the beautiful abundance of having a great relationship with money, so much can change. What are the stories that you heard when you were little, but just wasn’t the truth? If you can change your story, your beliefs and past ideas about what money is, you can start to change your reality.

For example, I took my nephews on an outing and of course they asked for something and my friend said “we don’t have enough money for that.” I looked at the boys and said, “we have more than enough money than we will ever need in our life, it’s just not on us right now.” And they were like, oh okay, that’s fine. I was trying to change the story with them and let them see there is an abundance out there. I wanted to instill in their mind, it is there, it is always there. I want you to know you can create and generate money. I’m not saying go to the printer and make it! You are very resourceful and can come up with ideas to generate more funds in your life. In this program we will work on digging into your creativity, your strengths, and your life experience to find ways to draw in financial abundance.

We are also going to take a hard look at relationships. You have to let go of all that stuff you just keeping piling on and on. I can promise you that you think you may have let things go and then there is a trigger which reminds you that you haven’t been able to. But now, when there is a trigger you can learn how to process those triggers instead of letting them take you over. I went for a drink the other night and met someone who used to work for me. She said I was weird because I think differently, especially since I didn’t think like her. So I asked her why was she telling me all this, why was she labeling me, instead of getting upset that someone was calling me weird for being different. I am okay with being weird, if she is inspired to make a change then it is more than worth it. A lot of times we label our selves and others and don’t even realize it. I am glad we had that conversation!

What about your relationship with your self? I have friends who can’t be alone at all. I want you to be really comfortable with your self, so when you have a beautiful relationship with someone else it is an addition to who you are. You can be happy with your self and then share that joy with others.

Lastly, I want to talk about stepping into your greatness: I think people hold themselves back way too much. They hold themselves back because of fear, but not of failure, it is fear of getting whatever they desire in life. You pray about it, visualize it, think about it, but when it shows up you block it. Why? These are just some of the things I want us to work on in our next program. And I really want to say thank you to all the people who sent in suggestions and comments. It is amazing working with so many people who want to move forward and achieve their goals.


Jodie Baudek

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