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I can’t wait to introduce you to a very good  friend of mine, Michelle Evans. Everyone know I love to help empower others, so I asked her to come on the show so she could share with you her incredible story. I really appreciate our relationship, we are always lifting each other up and celebrating our wins!  So, of course I wanted to celebrate Michelle opening up a new company. I would love for her to share with you how she started. You will enjoy listening to her story, so please download the podcast or watch the video if you haven’t subscribed already. After twenty years of taking care of her family, she came to a point in her life where she needed to learn how to take care of her self. Four years ago she went back to school and graduated with Honors. That was one of the proudest moments of her life, not just because she graduated, but because her girls could see how she overcame difficulties and truly succeeded. She was working full-time, still taking care of her kids, and going to school. There were nights where she didn’t sleep at all, or maybe just got two or three hours. But, once she got her degree her whole world opened up for her.

She was approached by an investor on LinkedIn. She did her research and then decided to work with him, even though it was a risk. Now, she is now the managing partner of a  large successful recruiting company. She is learning new things every day, making good money, and surrounded by amazing people. It was an awesome opportunity. She took that leap of faith and tried something new. Each step and decision was so scary for her, but if she had not have taken that step she wouldn’t be where she is today.

Michelle asked me to go out for dinner with her and her new investor and I surprised them both by asking, “Who is your favorite Gilligan’s Island character?” There was no need to be stuffy, you can be your self when you meet people. Get to know people, really listen to them and create a positive connection. Don’t be afraid to ask “What is your favorite Gilligan’s Island character?”

When I asked Michelle what is the best thing she can suggest to others she responded, “G get your self out there. Even though you might have had a long day, or you might have a lot on your plate, or you may  not be feeling it, just do it. Don’t miss out on opportunities. If it presents itself, go out, network, meet new people, go to new places, you just never know what is going to happen. When we say go out, it doesn’t mean drinking… have a conversation, drink some tea, present your self, put your self in a good situation. My homework for you is take a chance. Here is what happens, if you don’t say yes.. those opportunities will stop coming.

So, let us know who is your favorite Gilligan’s Island character, we actually really want to know!


Jodie Baudek

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