Dr. Jim and Jodie Interview Dr. John Demartini, Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Internationally Published Author. Dr. Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. To find out more about Dr. Demartini and his work please visit:https://drdemartini.com.

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Hope everyone is doing well out there this week.

We had an amazing opportunity to sit down with Dr. John Demartini. For those of you who don’t know who he is, you will know. What does he not do? World renowned author, speaker, researcher, just an absolute amazing human being. We had a very long interview and he shared a lot of valuable information and insights that we are excited to share with all of you.

Off the record, he was really an amazing person to get to know. Even his daughter, whom we had to coordinate with was warm, personable and engaging. She came in and started hugging us, showing us all these things and showing us what our life was going to be like if we stayed on this path.

Honestly, we were trying to hold it together because we were so excited to be able to interview one of the greatest authors of our time. We both have been working on our own books, and speaking engagement, and appreciate learning from someone who has been dedicating himself for decades to help other people.

The first question we asked Dr. Demartini was how he ran into Howard Hughes when he was younger and how that changed the direction of his life. It’s an amazing story that will remind you that nothing is impossible. Dr. Demartini talks about the power of synchronicity which we are going to show right now. What is synchronicity?

“Synchronicity is when you are on a path, whether you are either manifesting it consciously or subconsciously, things will show up, they have an amazing way of showing up, and as long as you are present to them you will be able to see it.”

You have to look who is showing up right in front of you, and why are they showing up right in front of you because the answers are right there.We are happy to share this interview with Dr. Demartini because the movie, ‘The Secret’, was very instrumental in our lives. Even in our own path of creating this show, writing books, and starting our online courses, the principle of synchronicity was very obvious.

“Just pay attention and say yes, sometimes you might be scared but don’t let fear block you from grabbing the opportunity that is right in front of you. You have to just step into it, if you know you have a calling and you know you are supposed to do something, do it.”

Dr. Demartini talks really fast, there is so much information, and it is so valuable, watch it and take some notes.

Thanks for watching and please don’t forget to keep sending in your comments and questions for future shows.

Dr. Jim and Jodie

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