Greetings Everyone,

Thanks for watching and listening to our ‘What’s Right With Life TV & Podcast.’ Today I would like you guys to meet Hannah, she is my new marketing intern. I have known her since she was young. She is a little shy right now because she didn’t think she was going to be in front of the camera, but she knows how to go with the flow. I strategically ran into her a while ago by eating at the restaurant where she was working. I sensed we were meant to work together, but wasn’t sure what was going on in her life. Surprisingly, she shared how she wanted to expand into marketing, learn new strategies and new social media techniques etc. Little did she know that  I was expanding the new Essence Of Life Studio into the Chicago area, and could use a new intern! She started out with helping us with social media and digital stuff, and then moved on to marketing the new studio in Chicago. Hannah used to and still does attend my original studio in Shorewood when she can. She knows how much time and effort I had to put in to just get that one started up. Now, we are now totally back to grass roots and building again in Chicago.

Earlier we were discussing what can you do when you want to start something new, like a small business, or a studio, boutique, etc. First, you have to move beyond what you know and start learning different ways to connect with people. And, you have to let the Universe surprise you! Neither one of us thought we would be working together, yet here we are and it has been amazing so far. We went to see Steve Harvey the other day and we were so impressed by how excited everyone was to be there. So, of course, Hannah wanted to see how our camera crew does things here at Jodie Baudek Productions. She got to see first-hand, setting up the lights, microphone and staging. She has also started Instagram and other social media programs and now everyone can check at anytime to see what’s new!

You never know what is going to happen in your life. Be open to surprises, be open to allowing the Universe to surprise you. I had no idea that my little Hannah would grow up to be my new Marketing Manager Intern. Surround your self with people who support and encourage you and create an exciting life. Thanks for tuning into, ‘What’s Right With Life‘ today, when we focus on what is right the opportunities are boundless.

Please continue sending in your comments and questions. We have a new line-up of guests for you in the following weeks so stay tuned, and stay in touch!


Jodie Baudek

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