I really need your help. Book number one, “Pssst…Wanna Get Out Of Your Own Way”, has been doing really well.  But it is time for the next one to come out. Here is the thing…. we need help naming the next book. It is a compilation of all the stories of people who bought Book One. These stories are amazing, but that shouldn’t be a surprise because they are amazing.

This book has changed so many lives, we had to put names in a hat because we couldn’t figure out which ones we were going to use for book number two. Their stories are so inspirational.

It takes a tribe, I need you to help me name this book. It is the stories of people who knew they wanted to make a change and came in to do the first book with me.  We videotaped them on their very first day of their journey doing “Wanna Get Out Of Your Own Way.”  Their faces changed, because their lives changed. Watching people grow and literally get out of their own way is humbling and encouraging. When you see others let go of old stories and negative tapes playing in their heads, and embrace a new way of thinking and living, you know without a doubt that anything is possible.

So, start submitting potential titles, you can use Instagram or youtube, or e-mail. Whoever name we choose to title the second book, he or she will receive the first book, Pssst, Wanna Get Out Of Your Own Way, the second book and the Six Week Change Your Life program.  It is an online program that helps you to peel away those layers and get to the person you want to be, and live the life you want to live.  You are amazing, There is nothing you can’t achieve. There is nothing you can not do. This program helps you to focus on your goals, remove the blocks and clear the way for an incredible life.

The only limitations you have are the one’s you place on your self. I am so excited you joined me on this journey and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Jodie Baudek

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