When going through your life journey, don’t wish for it to be the straightest, easiest, clearest path.

Instead wish for obstacles. Be thankful for the ups and downs because these are what make you strong. Be grateful for the twists and turns because these are what keep you alert of what is happening around you. Be accepting of the  little bumps and stumbles along the way, because these remind us to  pick our feet up and keep moving forward. Be joyful that your visibility of what is about to come, may not be so clear, because this is what keeps you excited for the future! Be proud that you have toughed it out through more than you thought you could, and that you have succeeded no matter what you were faced with!

Don’t get angry with yourself. Don’t be mad at your surroundings.

Smile and keep on moving! Holding your head up high. Taking everything in and accepting it for what it is. Moving forward on your journey with no set destination, finding peace in life knowing you will end up exactly where you were meant to be.

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