Learn About The Power of Synchronicity with Dr. Demartini of the Secret

Dr. Jim and Jodie Interview Dr. John Demartini, Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Internationally Published Author. Dr. Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. To find out more about Dr. Demartini and his work please visit:https://drdemartini.com.

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We had an amazing opportunity to sit down with Dr. John Demartini. For those of you who don’t know who he is, you will know. What does he not do? World renowned author, speaker, researcher, just an absolute amazing human being. We had a very long interview and he shared a lot of valuable information and insights that we are excited to share with all of you.

Off the record, he was really an amazing person to get to know. Even his daughter, whom we had to coordinate with was warm, personable and engaging. She came in and started hugging us, showing us all these things and showing us what our life was going to be like if we stayed on this path.

Honestly, we were trying to hold it together because we were so excited to be able to interview one of the greatest authors of our time. We both have been working on our own books, and speaking engagement, and appreciate learning from someone who has been dedicating himself for decades to help other people.

The first question we asked Dr. Demartini was how he ran into Howard Hughes when he was younger and how that changed the direction of his life. It’s an amazing story that will remind you that nothing is impossible. Dr. Demartini talks about the power of synchronicity which we are going to show right now. What is synchronicity?

“Synchronicity is when you are on a path, whether you are either manifesting it consciously or subconsciously, things will show up, they have an amazing way of showing up, and as long as you are present to them you will be able to see it.”

You have to look who is showing up right in front of you, and why are they showing up right in front of you because the answers are right there.We are happy to share this interview with Dr. Demartini because the movie, ‘The Secret’, was very instrumental in our lives. Even in our own path of creating this show, writing books, and starting our online courses, the principle of synchronicity was very obvious.

“Just pay attention and say yes, sometimes you might be scared but don’t let fear block you from grabbing the opportunity that is right in front of you. You have to just step into it, if you know you have a calling and you know you are supposed to do something, do it.”

Dr. Demartini talks really fast, there is so much information, and it is so valuable, watch it and take some notes.

Thanks for watching and please don’t forget to keep sending in your comments and questions for future shows.

Dr. Jim and Jodie

Managing Social Media | How To Get Out Of Your Head

“I think that is where the creation of the show stemmed from. What is it that we can spark something inside of you that makes you want to take time for your self. Makes you want to fall back in love with your self, just ‘being’ to find yourself.”  Dr. Jim

Welcome back!

Let’s have a real discussion about the effects of social media on our lives. Somebody in the audience asked a question about how to deal with the difficulties that have been coming up around the use of social media. We all know the benefits of social media, from being able to connect to anyone at anytime, building strong networks, sharing your message quickly and getting informed immediately. But, there are also challenges when it comes to the use of social media, especially to the younger generation.

Watch as our viewers asks pertinent questions facing not only youth today, but all people. Dr. Jim and Jodie talk about how to manage the new world of technology and use it to your advantage.

We all want to be successful, but are we doing the things to ensure that we have a fighting chance to obtain our goals? Dr. Jim and Jodie talk about how to create more time in your life for what you really want; fulfill your dreams and be flexible enough to know when to change those dreams.

Tweetable Message: “We are all busy. You hear that so much, ‘Oh I am so busy.’ What are you busy doing? That would be my question. What are you busy doing? Are you doing the things that you find happiness and joy in? That would be my challenge, and if not then why are you doing it? Do you know what your purpose is? I challenge you to really dig deep and start asking your self those tough questions and give your self the freedom to change those answers. If you find what you love doing, ask yourself what your purpose is. Then, while you are busy, ask yourself, are you doing the things that are getting you closer to your goals or not?”

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to send in those questions and comments.

Dr. Jim and Jodie

How To Deal With Loss | Finding Happiness Wherever You Are

“You have to get out there, be yourself and be with people and create your own happiness. It is not just something that is going to be handed to you. You have to get out there and find it in everything that you are doing on a daily basis.” Dr. Jim and Jodie

Welcome back everyone!

In today’s show we answer a couple of questions you guys sent us recently. First off, everyone wants to know how we met. So today we will talk about that.

It’s kind of crazy. Some of you know from the other station, ‘What Is Right With Life’, that Dr. Kris encouraged me to open up another yoga studio here in Chicago. She is kind of the root of how we met, because she introduced me to her friend Ed, who had a book signing for me in his restaurant, Bountiful. Jim came into that booksigning event with his staff and we got to talking. I challenged him to move forward and that is how it went rolling from there.

Next question: How do you deal with loss?

Jim: I had gone through some loss before in the past and doing the book, “Psst…Get Out Of Your Own Way” was how I dealt with loss at the time. I am sure there are a lot of you out there that experience loss. Loss is loss at any level, whether it be your pet, your mom passing away, losing your job, relationships, loss is loss. There is no limit or boundary on what loss means to you: Because loss is whatever it is to you. Nobody can take that away from you. It’s big, and not for somebody else to judge.I have to admit that just sitting there writing out the exercises in that book (Pssst….Wanna Get Out Of Your Own Way), was a healthy way to get everything out instead of acting out.

That ties into our next question, “How can I stop longing for happiness?”

Nowadays we have so much access with our phone. There is so much that we can instantaneously get a hold of. So a lot of times, emotionally, we expect that happiness should be right at our fingertips. We also expect there is no work that has to be done to make us happy. That is simply not true. That can lead to sense of false hope with people.

Inspirational Message “You have to get out there and grind and be yourself and be with people and create your own happiness. It is not just something that is going to be handed to you. You have to get out there and find it in everything that you are doing on a daily basis”

Sometimes, people are emotionally detached because they are so attached to their phones and ‘how many likes did I get?’ When people are so focused on numbers, they don’t make the time to build relationships. My advice to you is to take the time and build relationships.

Find something that you can connect with. We are hoping that you guys can connect with us. Reach out, we want to hear what you have to say. So, what is the homework today? I would like your homework to be, call up your friends, put your phone in your car, and leave your phones off and really have a heart to heart conversation. Be present with people that you are with. Practice being present with yourself and with others. And you are going to start finding that you will discover true happiness in those moments because you are not distracted.

Keep the questions coming!


Dr. Jim and Jodie

Women Supporting Women

Hi Guys! Welcome back to another episode of ‘What’s Right With Life, Empowerment Talk’ with Jodie Baudek. And, I think you guys met Michelle before, I know you did. So, I want to talk about ‘girl power.’ It’s absolutely beautiful. Michelle would you like to introduce your self?


Michelle: Hi, I am Michelle.

Jodie: Michelle Evans, and she rocks, she absolutely rocks. So what I want for us to talk about today is women supporting women. We have another friend who will be here in a little while, she is always late, so she is not here yet. But, it just a beautiful when women support and celebrate each other. I loved that one day, you called me and  you said about our friend, “Hey, she really needs women like you and your friends in her life,” and we have all been friends for years so we all have that sister bond. But, to be drawing in more people in because she is a very powerful women and there is a lot of other women who don’t support that. Really surround your self with people who just celebrate your greatness and want to build you up and not just take from you, but share with you, and give to you. So, what are some of your takes on that?

Michelle: Well, I think that, as women, we have to face jealousy a lot from other women. Even other men, I guess. If you are a powerful woman and you are successful and you are a good person and you have things that maybe somebody else wants. Sometimes women can be very catty and jealous. Throughout the course of my life, I think what I have realized is I want to surround my self with people that truly celebrate my success and know that I am in competition with them. But, rather we are just cheering each other on.  And, Jodie has been that person for me, I can’t say how many years thought right?  So, over the course of all those years, Jodie is one of my close knit friends that, I can come to and tell her, if I got a promotion. And know that she is not going to question it, or you know doubt it, or she is going to celebrate it with me. I think probably over the last five years, and I won’t say how old I am. But when I reached a certain age I started to thin out that circle. I was surrounding myself with people that I thought that could help me get ahead, or that could do something for me, I I looked out when I was out with. I realized I was starting to build this circle of people that didn’t really mean anything to me.  So as the years went on I really made a conscious decision to start thinning out that circle and only surround myself with women who I truly know care about and love me.

Jodie: That is huge guys. And I am not dissing women, that is not where I am going with that at all. It is just sometimes people are going through things, and so when you are having your celebration they are not celebrating with you. So, really attract and put it into your intentions, to attract women and things into your life, that want to celebrate no matter what they are going through. Michelle and I have shared a lot of ups and downs in life no matter where you are. We have had deep, deep conversations about things and there is no judgment whatsoever. “Okay, let me get this off my chest, okay I got it, thank you for still loving me no matter where I am in my life. Whether I am up here or down here or in transition.” I want to thank you for sharing your girls with me. I love kids. They are awesome and I thought it was really good, and again I am trying to teach women and girls of all ages. But, I am the only girl out of nine boys in my family. I had to learn how to be a boy, I have way more testosterone in me than most women. So when something happens, I say it, I am done, I am over it. Kind of like boys that go on the basketball court, duke it out and they are done and they never talk about it. Where women gather other women and talk about stuff. Knock your crap off and don’t do it anymore is basically where I am going with it. When she brings her girls in, in order for her girls to pay for yoga, because it has to be an energy exchange. I said “okay rather than mom paying for it, I want you to weekly report to me what you did nice. Did you talk to somebody at school that maybe you wont have talked to before, did you do something in the community, did you volunteer, so you are building up other people?” And it was so cool, they would come and tell me what they would do and stuff. It was just so heart warming, it was really warming to my heart. Michelle is really good at yoga, she was, she has been off for a couple of months. It was so cute, because, was it your 12 year old, which one did you bring in there, and it was like Mom, you are amazing.

Michelle: That was Hannah, that was my 18 year old.

Jodie: She comes in and Michelle is rocking out in class, class is packed. And she was like Mom, you are amazing. And, just to see her acknowledge how amazing you were, rather than even being in competition, because most kids are like Mom, I can do that. Exactly, so, it was getting them young to teach them that, and build them and I just think if we grab them young, we can really get away from a lot of the nonsense that goes on. Before you getting here we talked a lot about social media and this nonsense that has happened. What is some of your advice for women to not compare themselves and for kids. How to build themselves up?

Michelle: That is good question because I have a 14 year old and an 18 year old and both are completely engrossed in social media. And, I have had as many as mothers have had, experience with some bullying, somebody said something about this one, and this whole big Instagram war. And the thing that I try to teach my daughters is to be the bigger person. That probably my best advice for women with teenage daughters is just drill that into their heads from a very early age. And, I think when I was going through what I just mentioned before about thinking out my inner circle I involved my children in that. So, you know I would talk to my girls about my friends and what I like and didn’t like and to them it just felt like conversation with mom, like mom is really letting me into her life and we are just talking about regular things. But I had an ulterior motive and that was to let them see that my goal as I get older is to just have supportive people in my life and not worry about all the other stuff. I just try to be really diligent in teaching them that war with words never works, fighting back never works, just keep your head high, be a good person and surround your self with people that love and care about you. I think it has worked so far, they turned out pretty good.

Jodie: They have! One night we were out and I was at Michelle’s and it was late, and of course everybody wants to be at Michelle’s house and there were kids everywhere.

Michelle: Wait, let’s set the scene. I have very small, well not very small, a 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago and it’s a city apartment so it’s all of 900 square feet. And so there is not a whole lot of space and Lollapalooza came in June or July, or whenever that was and you know, Hannah had approached me and said, “Is it okay if we all stay at the apartment?” Eight girls! Jodie and I were stepping over bodies and people were sleeping on the floor and on the balcony and it was just insane. But, that is another thing I would probably suggest. I know more about teenagers than women, because I have had a lot of practice so far, but I think it is important that you allow that, that you allow those girls to come into your home, and to let them know what you will accept and not accept in your home.  And, kind of be diligent about the way they are treating each other. And if you do sense some tension or whatever, after they all leave then have that conversation. I noticed that so and so was being a little short with you and is she disrespectful and how do you feel about that? That seems to be work well. I can’t believe what I got my self into!

Jodie: I walked in and they were sleeping which tells you something.

Michelle: My bathroom looked like a tornado hit it.

Jodie: What I love is that Hannah, lifted her head up and she is like “Auntie Jojo” and put her head back down, completely safe, I know mom has me surrounded with some really great stuff. And I think that is something true, that parents really need to diligently do is, make sure that your kids feel really safe. Kids see and hear everything.

Michelle: And everything that I think I am saying about girls applies for women too. Everything you just said applies for us. I mean if we sense some something that is not right, we should be able to come to each other and say hey I notice that person what treating you poorly etc. I think that is important as we get older and to take that advice and that teaching that you give to your children and apply it to your friends as well.

Jodie: It is so true. So, I’ll just share another girl supporting girl story. We go out one night and we are all classy up sitting at the finest place. We decide to leave and just go for a ride and it was so fun, that we all loaded into our girlfriend’s car and we turned up Def Leppard and as loud as could be and had the windows rolled down and just waving to people and having a great time. We were allowing ourselves to embrace our inner child and have a great time and be silly and be fun, and be supportive and there was no judgment in it.

Michelle: No stress, just a bunch of girls being together and having fun.

Jodie: It was an awesome, awesome night. Two of the girls you guys had never even met and they were like, I can see why you love them so much. And you guys are like I can see why you love them. It is just bringing in positive energy. Having fun guys. I think what happens as we are on that road to go where we want to go in life, we get to dance. So, I want you to dance and have some fun. Guys, just find your self a huge network, a tribe that is awesome. So, I want your homework to be is, just surround your self with amazing tribe. Give me some feedback guys, like hey what you said kind of changed my life, or you know what your friendships, you know, support somebody and tag them on this. Hey you are part of my tribe, I love you. Things like that, and let’s just create this amazing network. You can tag men in here, absolutely, I love them, tag them all. But it’s just really a great way to create this amazing life, so what advice do you want to give?

Michelle: Homework, start to really focus on creating that tribe. Get rid of the relationships that are harmful or toxic, and again it could be men or women. But, yes surround your self with people that are really supporting, even if that is a group of five people. Really people that you trust and love and feel supported by. And, you will notice, immediately, at least I have, and I am still not done, a sense of relief and comfort, and satisfaction from really just having a group of real loving, supportive friends.

Jodie: I love you and appreciate you, bye!





Results To Success: How To Build Wealth


Shuntella: Women are having the same conversation, men are having the same conversation about how to how to build wealth and it starts with just basic understanding, basic saving.

Jodie: I think too there is a psychological element.  It’s okay to more money than your parents did, I promise you. It really is, and your parents would be so happy if you did that. Because every parent just really want their child to be happy and to be able to expand and grow and be more and have more than what they had. But, don’t ever feel bad from where you came from. It’s beautiful, you came from Inglewood, I came from the hood.

Shuntella: As if Inglewood is not the hood. We had this conversation.

Jodie: Did you know….I was like did you know, we were just teasing each other and bantering about it. It’s really enlightening and beautiful because now again, teaching people, I know when I go into the schools and I talk to the kids, and they are like, you grew up where, and I am like yeah, and they are like, what do you do? Yeah, you know. I changed my conversation you know, and my parents were so nurturing, and I love them for being that for me. I think if you guys could take away something it is to nurture your children’s education. Education doesn’t have to be a formal school, that would be beautiful but give them books, take them to workshops, show them, okay I gave you allowance so let’s go ahead and put some money to the side and no matter how much they scream about it, keep it to the side, so they get into those habits of doing things. God we could go on forever and ever.

Shuntella” I think something that you just said, they can kick and scream about it, out of sight out of time. So instead of just having that piggy bank right there where they can constantly enter and remove, set up a small bank account so that one, they get accustomed to the banking system so that it is not foreign to them, so that also it gives them a sense of adulthood, right? They feel like, big girl or big boy stuff. That is what I do with my daughter, she is 11 years old, a sixth grader. And, that is what she does, she has a small bank account and I allow her to make her deposits, and we will look at the sums and we will reconcile if needed but yeah, every now and then I will let her make the withdrawal so she can understand that process.

Jodie: I think that is wonderful and that gets skipped so much. It was interesting, the event at the church in Inglewood, was it Inglewood,?

Shuntella: No, it was the Pullman area, I think it is Pullman.

Jodie: Anyway we were there and not knowing I got sat with your sister and your daughter. And so everybody was supposed to be one on one, and what happen was I ended up having to work with both of them, can I tell you how fascinating it was. I talked to your sister, and I don’t know how old she is but she is an adult. And I talked to your daughter she was 10 at the time, and to see the views on life, was fascinating. And I could tell that you had worked with your daughter because we were having an adult conversation. I remember coming up to you afterward and being like oh my gosh I am in love. She is just so amazing, and I know it is tying into a lot of what I am been throwing at you guys lately. Let’s start with those kids, and build them, so when you get to be older, or you have been married and you have gotten divorced and what happens you are not like oh my gosh what do I do. So that you know, we start those conversations young and teach them those skills, then think about how they process.

Shuntella: Absolutely, one of those things, I co-authored a book with six other amazing women all around the world. It is called, ‘Fed Up To Fabulous.’ Part of my story is just that, I am divorced, and although he and I were financially sound, I made a lot of financial mistakes, even though the answers. Because I trusted, I am not saying women when you walk into a marriage you got to bolt everything down, what I am saying is be aware, and not only be aware, be prepared. So what you will find also are marriages that have sustained many, many, many years and the male spouse would pass away and many women will find themselves not even aware of all of the accounts, none of the investments, not knowing if they have a second mortgage, if the first mortgage was paid off. This is just information that so many of use, divorce or solid marriages, that we need to understand period. Or, they don’t even have to pass away, lets just say they become ill? We have to be able to make sound choices, and you can’t make sound choice without sound information.

Jodie: And often times you start operating from a place of fear, so then you don’t know, then you make mistakes, and then you are listening to someone while you are under pressure.

Shuntella: Then you don’t want to make permanent decisions from temporary circumstances. You really don’t want to do that.

Jodie: That is just a little piece of Shuntella that I am going to be giving you today. Because I am going to be giving you a lot? Did you know that? I called and she was like, you never call.

Shuntella: We are solid texters, we stay in communication, pretty much every week or so. But, it’s normally a quick text, hey I love you, love you too, and we will share, but my phone rang.

Jodie: She is like I have not answered the phone in nine days, and I was like oh. So, I am honored, and so excited and we are going to be doing some events, guys and she is going to be front and center. I don’t know how to tell you this without it coming out the wrong way, this girl, just sponge every ounce of information she is going to give you because it is going to transform your life. It truly is. I got goose bumps saying this, I see how she lives her life personally. I find a lot of time, I have these great mentors and stuff and then I become friends with them and their personal life is different. With this one, and it doesn’t it is human and they all go through things, but your personal life is what you are presenting on stage and to your community and I love that. It is like you are walking your walk and talking your talk.

Shuntella: To me that is integrity, when your words and your actions match. So as far as I am concerned the things I am up to in this world mirror, who I am enabling.

Jodie: that’s some good stuff guys.

Shuntella: I am up to some thing and I just want to share, you asked, what am I up to, so we have results to success, so that is resultstosuccess.com and in March she is the first to know this, I am launching, yeah, because it like I am birthing something now. And it will be on www.resultstosuccess.com so feel free to go there and put your e-mail in and hit submit and subscribe and you will receive some information.

Jodie: She has tears in her eyes, because she is so happy to tell you guys. I am so proud of you, I am. We did this even, it was cool because somehow we got to be each others’ earth angel and yeah, it was so crazy. So then let’s fast forward six months later, or seven months?

Shuntella: We hang out quite a bit..

Jodie: I called her and said “do you realize what you asked for and you let go of, you got?” And she was like, oh, so guys have friends in your life that remind you of your success and remind you that your loved and support you in that. I am so honored to have you as my friend, like you are my girl.

Shuntella: And that is real, like for me, one of the biggest thing I had to learn was one to be vulnerable, to really allow people in my life, and to really be part of theirs. So to be here today and share with Jodie it is, it makes me fulfilled. So thank you, I love you.

Jodie: It is so funny, a l lot of my friends when you tell someone you love them they are like uh hum. So it was crazy when I tell you that life is for you, I wholeheartedly believe that, again for years we were at the same events and both of us, for whatever reason we weren’t ready to meet. But once we met, it was like, beautiful, absolutely beautiful and collaborating on things and going places and I am not one to share my room with anybody, and I was like Shuntella do you want to room with me. It is pretty awesome, thank you for coming in.

Shuntella: it is an absolute pleasure.

Jodie: I am going to be putting her on my line down there, subscribe to us, subscriber to her, she has all kinds of stuff going on. I love and appreciate you!


Jodie Baudek



Just Say Yes : Empowerment with Michelle Evans

Welcome Back to What’s Right With Life Empowerment Talk,

I can’t wait to introduce you to a very good  friend of mine, Michelle Evans. Everyone know I love to help empower others, so I asked her to come on the show so she could share with you her incredible story. I really appreciate our relationship, we are always lifting each other up and celebrating our wins!  So, of course I wanted to celebrate Michelle opening up a new company. I would love for her to share with you how she started. You will enjoy listening to her story, so please download the podcast or watch the video if you haven’t subscribed already. After twenty years of taking care of her family, she came to a point in her life where she needed to learn how to take care of her self. Four years ago she went back to school and graduated with Honors. That was one of the proudest moments of her life, not just because she graduated, but because her girls could see how she overcame difficulties and truly succeeded. She was working full-time, still taking care of her kids, and going to school. There were nights where she didn’t sleep at all, or maybe just got two or three hours. But, once she got her degree her whole world opened up for her.

She was approached by an investor on LinkedIn. She did her research and then decided to work with him, even though it was a risk. Now, she is now the managing partner of a  large successful recruiting company. She is learning new things every day, making good money, and surrounded by amazing people. It was an awesome opportunity. She took that leap of faith and tried something new. Each step and decision was so scary for her, but if she had not have taken that step she wouldn’t be where she is today.

Michelle asked me to go out for dinner with her and her new investor and I surprised them both by asking, “Who is your favorite Gilligan’s Island character?” There was no need to be stuffy, you can be your self when you meet people. Get to know people, really listen to them and create a positive connection. Don’t be afraid to ask “What is your favorite Gilligan’s Island character?”

When I asked Michelle what is the best thing she can suggest to others she responded, “G get your self out there. Even though you might have had a long day, or you might have a lot on your plate, or you may  not be feeling it, just do it. Don’t miss out on opportunities. If it presents itself, go out, network, meet new people, go to new places, you just never know what is going to happen. When we say go out, it doesn’t mean drinking… have a conversation, drink some tea, present your self, put your self in a good situation. My homework for you is take a chance. Here is what happens, if you don’t say yes.. those opportunities will stop coming.

So, let us know who is your favorite Gilligan’s Island character, we actually really want to know!


Jodie Baudek

Results To Success: Empowerment with Shuntella Richardson


Jodie: Welcome back to Empowerment Talk and What’s Right With Life. I am so honored and excited for you to meet my soul sister, Shuntella. I am so excited, we were destined to meet each other. We were at the same events, sitting in the same isles for years and we never met until last January. It was love at first site.

Shuntella: So it’s our reunion, it’s our anniversary.

Jodie: We met at the Library, Shuntella was hosting an event and I came to it, and it was so funny cause we looked at each other and were like, “we are going to talk when we are done.” She is very humble and probably won’t tell you all of her stuff, but will you tell them a little bit about where you are going and what you are doing for the world?

Shuntella: Of course, my name is Shuntella Richardson, I am an international speaker, coach and author, and I live here in the Chicago land area.

Jodie: She was in London and South Africa, she is doing some amazing things, what I love about her is not only that she is so humble and so real. We roomed together in Atlanta. I am jeans and a t-shirt and she was ironing her dresses, and I would go in the closet and say what ti-shirt am I going to wear today! it was awesome. She would wear her skirt and her blazer with a shirt because she was working the event. You did such a great job, people were coming up to me afterwards and saying “wow your friend was awesome.” They were asking questions and I just directed them to you. It’s real and it’s authentic and I think that is what the connection is and wanting to reach so many  people because you are awesome.

Shuntella: Thank you!

Jodie: If you are open to it you want to talk about what you have coming up?

Shuntella: Absolutely, so, as we all know it’s 2017 and so many of us are looking really deep into this year, for many entrepreneurs in particular and a lot of women in particular as well, who are career women, 2016 was a launching pad, and they want to land solidly, this year, somewhere between January and December, right. So, what I am up to, I created a movement, a movement it’s called Results to Success, which is the name of my company, I am the CEO of Results To Success. And it is an all in one coaching company. So, in addition to my speaking, being an author, one of the things that people talk to me about quite a bit was “how can I do what you are doing? How do I go from A to B, and so my goal this year is really to be that conduit for people to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

Jodie: So with that being said, guys, when she says she is the conduit, she is not kidding you. It is absolutely beautiful what she is capable of, she breaks it down so simply, it’s like oh, yeah, I didn’t think about. I think that we get so worked up, we get so busy in our heads, that we don’t just take a step back and look at it from a simple perspective, what I love that you do that.

Shuntella: I think what you just said was that B word, that word busy. Busy for most of us, means ‘hey I am doing something.’ But then doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being productive. So, that is a word, honestly, that I try not to utilize because busy just means, I am doing everything but what is important for you, right? For most of us. And so, what I found myself doing along with other people we would use that word, just to kind of say hey I am up to more important things. But, I don’t have to disclose what I am doing. So, I am in action. And, at this stage, what I am finding is that, there are so many others who want to be in action as well. And so that is what I am up to. I am up to really assisting people to fulfill their dreams and their desires in a way in which they didn’t know that they could. There is always something here, (pointing to gut), and it is stirring and for many of us, we are waiting for someone to say it is okay. We are waiting for permission, it’s okay for you to say, I am good enough. And, we are waiting on some more information. I am finding that too. So, what I am finding is that people have a plethora of books and cd’s and cassettes, and eight tracks if we go way back. But the point of the matter is we are buried in information and now it’s time to really move forward and put action to all of the information that we already know.

“We don’t need any more information we need to get into the action, so we can get the results, the results that we want, for the desires that we deserve.”

Jodie: And it sound so simple, but nobody does it. It’s really amazing, one thing that I found really fascinating, not only Shuntella’s story but I love how you empower women with money.  I offend you or rattle something inside of you, I am glad I did. That conversation with money is a beautiful thing. And so to be able to teach not just women, but everyone about your finances, and the things to look for and how to protect yourself,  I think that is beautiful and thank you for opening that conversation up.

Shuntella: I come from the Chicago inner city, I grew up in Inglewood. And when I say I grew up in there, it wasn’t a drive by, I was in that community from the time I was 4 years until I was a young adult. So, grew up and saw and lot and experience a lot personally, and I wanted out. And, As far as I was concerned there was two ways out, reading number one, and two, money. I didn’t know any other way. So, I was an avid reader, my favorite book is still today, ‘Think and Grow Rich‘ by Napoleon Hill. I just wanted to burn ships, I just wanted to burn every ship and make sure I won the war of moving out of that community and being a resource to t his world. And so when it came to money i started reading all sorts of books, even though I didn’t understand everything because I couldn’t apply everything. The information was still there. So by the time I entered into corporate America, I would take 1 to 3 %, I started off really small saving. Specifically in my 401K then an IRA, before I knew it years later I owned a couple of Liberty Tax Services. So I am certainly one of those people where I love good information, and I love information that doesn’t necessarily die, that it doesn’t exhaust itself. and in this country, we know there are two things we are going to do, or that we really care about, one being our credit and the second being our taxes. And for many of us we realize simply because you make more money does’t mean that you necessarily you have to pay more taxes. And if you have a tax before hand it saves you a lot of money. So I am just up to empowering women to take a step into taking the information that they know and breaking it down into a language so that they don’t feel afraid of it.

Jodie: Language is the perfect word, so many times if you do’t understand the language you just sit back and say “uh uh”, but if you understand then you can take action to it, which is beautiful. Again, when we can make it simple, it’s easy and then when you learn it, then you can teach someone else. And then you break that cycle.

Shuntella: And it’s a cycle and a conversation that doesn’t only apply to the women here, but all around the world. When I get to travel to other countries, women are having at the same conversation. Men are having the same conversation about how to build wealth. And it starts with the basic understanding, basic savings…

Jodie: Please listen next week to part two when we discuss more about savings and wealth.


Jodie Baudek



Let The Universe Surprise You

Greetings Everyone,

Thanks for watching and listening to our ‘What’s Right With Life TV & Podcast.’ Today I would like you guys to meet Hannah, she is my new marketing intern. I have known her since she was young. She is a little shy right now because she didn’t think she was going to be in front of the camera, but she knows how to go with the flow. I strategically ran into her a while ago by eating at the restaurant where she was working. I sensed we were meant to work together, but wasn’t sure what was going on in her life. Surprisingly, she shared how she wanted to expand into marketing, learn new strategies and new social media techniques etc. Little did she know that  I was expanding the new Essence Of Life Studio into the Chicago area, and could use a new intern! She started out with helping us with social media and digital stuff, and then moved on to marketing the new studio in Chicago. Hannah used to and still does attend my original studio in Shorewood when she can. She knows how much time and effort I had to put in to just get that one started up. Now, we are now totally back to grass roots and building again in Chicago.

Earlier we were discussing what can you do when you want to start something new, like a small business, or a studio, boutique, etc. First, you have to move beyond what you know and start learning different ways to connect with people. And, you have to let the Universe surprise you! Neither one of us thought we would be working together, yet here we are and it has been amazing so far. We went to see Steve Harvey the other day and we were so impressed by how excited everyone was to be there. So, of course, Hannah wanted to see how our camera crew does things here at Jodie Baudek Productions. She got to see first-hand, setting up the lights, microphone and staging. She has also started Instagram and other social media programs and now everyone can check at anytime to see what’s new!

You never know what is going to happen in your life. Be open to surprises, be open to allowing the Universe to surprise you. I had no idea that my little Hannah would grow up to be my new Marketing Manager Intern. Surround your self with people who support and encourage you and create an exciting life. Thanks for tuning into, ‘What’s Right With Life‘ today, when we focus on what is right the opportunities are boundless.

Please continue sending in your comments and questions. We have a new line-up of guests for you in the following weeks so stay tuned, and stay in touch!


Jodie Baudek

How To Take A Leap Of Faith

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to tell you about the new studio in Chicago. I just gotta tell you, get the hell out of your own way… seriously. When opportunity comes just say yes. I don’t care if you are shaking in your boots: Just say yes. Because, it all turns out the way it is supposed to.

Sometimes you ask for changes in your life, and when the blessing show up your like oh crap, my life is going to change, oh my gosh… what if I do this, then this is going to happen?

But, what if you don’t take that chance? What if you don’t take that leap of faith?

So, how do you take a leap of faith? Think about what will happen if you don’t. You ask for things to change because you want the change, if you don’t take that leap, nothing will change. You all know I love LA and I love Chicago, but I’m also a burb girl, and being in the city makes me appreciate spending time in the burbs too. But, I have to tell you being up here in Chicago allows a lot of opportunity to happen and allows us to share what we have created. We weren’t able to reach enough people in the burbs so we decided to expand. Now that we are in Chicago we can have more interviews and workshops to help you attain your goals, and reach new heights.

I know you guys have been asking me to answer how things happened, how did they unravel? What happened was, I just took my hands off the steering wheel. I realized that something big was showing up but I was blocking it because, I was afraid. I was afraid of all the things that would happen if I started allowing all these blessings in my life. But, you don’t have to let go of all the good things in your life in order to receive more blessings, just open your self up to have more of what you really want.  So, use that fear to motivate you to move forward. It’s not really fear, it’s excitement.

So in reality, it’s not that I am afraid, or that I am scared of what can go wrong. I am afraid because it is a beautiful scary thing, all my dreams are going to happen. What if everything you even wanted is about to happen but you are blocking it out of fear? It’s time to level up, go ahead and say yes.

Go ahead and just say yes! Take that leap of faith… and send in your stories, I love to read them.

Namaste Jodie Baudek

How To Achieve Your Goals

Greetings Everyone,

We are back!

I wanted you to get to know Dr. Kris Tohtz a little more. She is my dear friend, and an amazing person. As the founder of Serenity Family Wellness in Chicago, it took a lot for her to get where she is. But, the reality is no matter what goals we want to achieve, we have to be willing to put in the time to work towards attaining them. People will share their opinions with you, but it is up to you to decide what is best for you.

Every one has a unique path, we are not all the same, so the way we go about achieving our goals will also not be the same.

But, the one thing we do have in common is… if we stop, then nothing will be gained, our goals can’t be achieved if we don’t continue until they are attained. That doesn’t mean we don’t adjust what we are working towards as we evolve, but adjusting and giving up on our dreams are two very different things.

We also have to keep on learning. Dr. Kris shares in this video and podcast that she considers her education a tool that she keeps in her tool belt. She can pull out whichever tool she needs, at different times, working with different people. But, if she had of stopped, and listened to those who thought her choices weren’t so practical, would she be where she is today?

So, appreciate the advice others will give to you, acknowledge them and then choose what is best for you. Pssst…She also shares a tip about how to avoid radiation and protect the thyroid too, so listen close.

Learning is so important. That is why we offer as many training programs as possible and why we are constantly creating new ones. Learning is a way to keep your mind young, and your health vibrant. We would love for you to stop by and find out all that is going on here too.

Thanks again for watching and listening, and if you would like to send in your comments please keep them coming.


Jodie Baudek

copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

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