Shuntella: Women are having the same conversation, men are having the same conversation about how to how to build wealth and it starts with just basic understanding, basic saving.

Jodie: I think too there is a psychological element.  It’s okay to more money than your parents did, I promise you. It really is, and your parents would be so happy if you did that. Because every parent just really want their child to be happy and to be able to expand and grow and be more and have more than what they had. But, don’t ever feel bad from where you came from. It’s beautiful, you came from Inglewood, I came from the hood.

Shuntella: As if Inglewood is not the hood. We had this conversation.

Jodie: Did you know….I was like did you know, we were just teasing each other and bantering about it. It’s really enlightening and beautiful because now again, teaching people, I know when I go into the schools and I talk to the kids, and they are like, you grew up where, and I am like yeah, and they are like, what do you do? Yeah, you know. I changed my conversation you know, and my parents were so nurturing, and I love them for being that for me. I think if you guys could take away something it is to nurture your children’s education. Education doesn’t have to be a formal school, that would be beautiful but give them books, take them to workshops, show them, okay I gave you allowance so let’s go ahead and put some money to the side and no matter how much they scream about it, keep it to the side, so they get into those habits of doing things. God we could go on forever and ever.

Shuntella” I think something that you just said, they can kick and scream about it, out of sight out of time. So instead of just having that piggy bank right there where they can constantly enter and remove, set up a small bank account so that one, they get accustomed to the banking system so that it is not foreign to them, so that also it gives them a sense of adulthood, right? They feel like, big girl or big boy stuff. That is what I do with my daughter, she is 11 years old, a sixth grader. And, that is what she does, she has a small bank account and I allow her to make her deposits, and we will look at the sums and we will reconcile if needed but yeah, every now and then I will let her make the withdrawal so she can understand that process.

Jodie: I think that is wonderful and that gets skipped so much. It was interesting, the event at the church in Inglewood, was it Inglewood,?

Shuntella: No, it was the Pullman area, I think it is Pullman.

Jodie: Anyway we were there and not knowing I got sat with your sister and your daughter. And so everybody was supposed to be one on one, and what happen was I ended up having to work with both of them, can I tell you how fascinating it was. I talked to your sister, and I don’t know how old she is but she is an adult. And I talked to your daughter she was 10 at the time, and to see the views on life, was fascinating. And I could tell that you had worked with your daughter because we were having an adult conversation. I remember coming up to you afterward and being like oh my gosh I am in love. She is just so amazing, and I know it is tying into a lot of what I am been throwing at you guys lately. Let’s start with those kids, and build them, so when you get to be older, or you have been married and you have gotten divorced and what happens you are not like oh my gosh what do I do. So that you know, we start those conversations young and teach them those skills, then think about how they process.

Shuntella: Absolutely, one of those things, I co-authored a book with six other amazing women all around the world. It is called, ‘Fed Up To Fabulous.’ Part of my story is just that, I am divorced, and although he and I were financially sound, I made a lot of financial mistakes, even though the answers. Because I trusted, I am not saying women when you walk into a marriage you got to bolt everything down, what I am saying is be aware, and not only be aware, be prepared. So what you will find also are marriages that have sustained many, many, many years and the male spouse would pass away and many women will find themselves not even aware of all of the accounts, none of the investments, not knowing if they have a second mortgage, if the first mortgage was paid off. This is just information that so many of use, divorce or solid marriages, that we need to understand period. Or, they don’t even have to pass away, lets just say they become ill? We have to be able to make sound choices, and you can’t make sound choice without sound information.

Jodie: And often times you start operating from a place of fear, so then you don’t know, then you make mistakes, and then you are listening to someone while you are under pressure.

Shuntella: Then you don’t want to make permanent decisions from temporary circumstances. You really don’t want to do that.

Jodie: That is just a little piece of Shuntella that I am going to be giving you today. Because I am going to be giving you a lot? Did you know that? I called and she was like, you never call.

Shuntella: We are solid texters, we stay in communication, pretty much every week or so. But, it’s normally a quick text, hey I love you, love you too, and we will share, but my phone rang.

Jodie: She is like I have not answered the phone in nine days, and I was like oh. So, I am honored, and so excited and we are going to be doing some events, guys and she is going to be front and center. I don’t know how to tell you this without it coming out the wrong way, this girl, just sponge every ounce of information she is going to give you because it is going to transform your life. It truly is. I got goose bumps saying this, I see how she lives her life personally. I find a lot of time, I have these great mentors and stuff and then I become friends with them and their personal life is different. With this one, and it doesn’t it is human and they all go through things, but your personal life is what you are presenting on stage and to your community and I love that. It is like you are walking your walk and talking your talk.

Shuntella: To me that is integrity, when your words and your actions match. So as far as I am concerned the things I am up to in this world mirror, who I am enabling.

Jodie: that’s some good stuff guys.

Shuntella: I am up to some thing and I just want to share, you asked, what am I up to, so we have results to success, so that is and in March she is the first to know this, I am launching, yeah, because it like I am birthing something now. And it will be on so feel free to go there and put your e-mail in and hit submit and subscribe and you will receive some information.

Jodie: She has tears in her eyes, because she is so happy to tell you guys. I am so proud of you, I am. We did this even, it was cool because somehow we got to be each others’ earth angel and yeah, it was so crazy. So then let’s fast forward six months later, or seven months?

Shuntella: We hang out quite a bit..

Jodie: I called her and said “do you realize what you asked for and you let go of, you got?” And she was like, oh, so guys have friends in your life that remind you of your success and remind you that your loved and support you in that. I am so honored to have you as my friend, like you are my girl.

Shuntella: And that is real, like for me, one of the biggest thing I had to learn was one to be vulnerable, to really allow people in my life, and to really be part of theirs. So to be here today and share with Jodie it is, it makes me fulfilled. So thank you, I love you.

Jodie: It is so funny, a l lot of my friends when you tell someone you love them they are like uh hum. So it was crazy when I tell you that life is for you, I wholeheartedly believe that, again for years we were at the same events and both of us, for whatever reason we weren’t ready to meet. But once we met, it was like, beautiful, absolutely beautiful and collaborating on things and going places and I am not one to share my room with anybody, and I was like Shuntella do you want to room with me. It is pretty awesome, thank you for coming in.

Shuntella: it is an absolute pleasure.

Jodie: I am going to be putting her on my line down there, subscribe to us, subscriber to her, she has all kinds of stuff going on. I love and appreciate you!


Jodie Baudek



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