Jodie: Welcome back to Empowerment Talk and What’s Right With Life. I am so honored and excited for you to meet my soul sister, Shuntella. I am so excited, we were destined to meet each other. We were at the same events, sitting in the same isles for years and we never met until last January. It was love at first site.

Shuntella: So it’s our reunion, it’s our anniversary.

Jodie: We met at the Library, Shuntella was hosting an event and I came to it, and it was so funny cause we looked at each other and were like, “we are going to talk when we are done.” She is very humble and probably won’t tell you all of her stuff, but will you tell them a little bit about where you are going and what you are doing for the world?

Shuntella: Of course, my name is Shuntella Richardson, I am an international speaker, coach and author, and I live here in the Chicago land area.

Jodie: She was in London and South Africa, she is doing some amazing things, what I love about her is not only that she is so humble and so real. We roomed together in Atlanta. I am jeans and a t-shirt and she was ironing her dresses, and I would go in the closet and say what ti-shirt am I going to wear today! it was awesome. She would wear her skirt and her blazer with a shirt because she was working the event. You did such a great job, people were coming up to me afterwards and saying “wow your friend was awesome.” They were asking questions and I just directed them to you. It’s real and it’s authentic and I think that is what the connection is and wanting to reach so many  people because you are awesome.

Shuntella: Thank you!

Jodie: If you are open to it you want to talk about what you have coming up?

Shuntella: Absolutely, so, as we all know it’s 2017 and so many of us are looking really deep into this year, for many entrepreneurs in particular and a lot of women in particular as well, who are career women, 2016 was a launching pad, and they want to land solidly, this year, somewhere between January and December, right. So, what I am up to, I created a movement, a movement it’s called Results to Success, which is the name of my company, I am the CEO of Results To Success. And it is an all in one coaching company. So, in addition to my speaking, being an author, one of the things that people talk to me about quite a bit was “how can I do what you are doing? How do I go from A to B, and so my goal this year is really to be that conduit for people to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

Jodie: So with that being said, guys, when she says she is the conduit, she is not kidding you. It is absolutely beautiful what she is capable of, she breaks it down so simply, it’s like oh, yeah, I didn’t think about. I think that we get so worked up, we get so busy in our heads, that we don’t just take a step back and look at it from a simple perspective, what I love that you do that.

Shuntella: I think what you just said was that B word, that word busy. Busy for most of us, means ‘hey I am doing something.’ But then doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being productive. So, that is a word, honestly, that I try not to utilize because busy just means, I am doing everything but what is important for you, right? For most of us. And so, what I found myself doing along with other people we would use that word, just to kind of say hey I am up to more important things. But, I don’t have to disclose what I am doing. So, I am in action. And, at this stage, what I am finding is that, there are so many others who want to be in action as well. And so that is what I am up to. I am up to really assisting people to fulfill their dreams and their desires in a way in which they didn’t know that they could. There is always something here, (pointing to gut), and it is stirring and for many of us, we are waiting for someone to say it is okay. We are waiting for permission, it’s okay for you to say, I am good enough. And, we are waiting on some more information. I am finding that too. So, what I am finding is that people have a plethora of books and cd’s and cassettes, and eight tracks if we go way back. But the point of the matter is we are buried in information and now it’s time to really move forward and put action to all of the information that we already know.

“We don’t need any more information we need to get into the action, so we can get the results, the results that we want, for the desires that we deserve.”

Jodie: And it sound so simple, but nobody does it. It’s really amazing, one thing that I found really fascinating, not only Shuntella’s story but I love how you empower women with money.  I offend you or rattle something inside of you, I am glad I did. That conversation with money is a beautiful thing. And so to be able to teach not just women, but everyone about your finances, and the things to look for and how to protect yourself,  I think that is beautiful and thank you for opening that conversation up.

Shuntella: I come from the Chicago inner city, I grew up in Inglewood. And when I say I grew up in there, it wasn’t a drive by, I was in that community from the time I was 4 years until I was a young adult. So, grew up and saw and lot and experience a lot personally, and I wanted out. And, As far as I was concerned there was two ways out, reading number one, and two, money. I didn’t know any other way. So, I was an avid reader, my favorite book is still today, ‘Think and Grow Rich‘ by Napoleon Hill. I just wanted to burn ships, I just wanted to burn every ship and make sure I won the war of moving out of that community and being a resource to t his world. And so when it came to money i started reading all sorts of books, even though I didn’t understand everything because I couldn’t apply everything. The information was still there. So by the time I entered into corporate America, I would take 1 to 3 %, I started off really small saving. Specifically in my 401K then an IRA, before I knew it years later I owned a couple of Liberty Tax Services. So I am certainly one of those people where I love good information, and I love information that doesn’t necessarily die, that it doesn’t exhaust itself. and in this country, we know there are two things we are going to do, or that we really care about, one being our credit and the second being our taxes. And for many of us we realize simply because you make more money does’t mean that you necessarily you have to pay more taxes. And if you have a tax before hand it saves you a lot of money. So I am just up to empowering women to take a step into taking the information that they know and breaking it down into a language so that they don’t feel afraid of it.

Jodie: Language is the perfect word, so many times if you do’t understand the language you just sit back and say “uh uh”, but if you understand then you can take action to it, which is beautiful. Again, when we can make it simple, it’s easy and then when you learn it, then you can teach someone else. And then you break that cycle.

Shuntella: And it’s a cycle and a conversation that doesn’t only apply to the women here, but all around the world. When I get to travel to other countries, women are having at the same conversation. Men are having the same conversation about how to build wealth. And it starts with the basic understanding, basic savings…

Jodie: Please listen next week to part two when we discuss more about savings and wealth.


Jodie Baudek



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