Give yourself permission to be happy. Tell yourself form this moment now, “No one is ever going to steal your joy.” You see we have many people in our life that like to steal your joy. Maybe they don’t know better, maybe they don’t even realize they are doing it. Maybe that’s the only way they can be happy.

But that’s not you, you’ve done work, you’ve grown, you’ve let go of your past. You realize there is nothing that you can do about it, except to learn from it, to grow and learn from it. You don’t need to be angry about it and get stuck there. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. You may be related to them, you may have to work with them, they may live in your house. So you may physically have to be around those people, but mentally you do not have to let them take over your thoughts, your energy, your love of your life, your joy of life.


Stay in your joy my friends.

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