Welcome back to another Empowerment Talk and What Is Right With Life Show.

stepintoyourgreatnessjodiebaudekToday I want to talk to you guys about stepping into your greatness. People have been sharing with me how much they have grown after doing the Six Week Change Your Life Program. They have also been asking when is the next course? The Six Week Change Your Life Program was easy to take, it was online, and you could watch the videos and answer questions on your own time. So, apparently that format really worked well for everyone.

Well, we are working on the next online course for you right now. This new course is based on your feedback from the Six Week Change Your Life Program. You guys asked me to talk about things that really affect your lives. So, we are going to dive deep into relationships, and learn how to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your self. From that strong foundation of confidence and joy the other relationships in your life will flourish. What about money? It’s pretty hard to accomplish anything without some kind of money, but is your relationship with money allowing you to achieve your goals? Also, how about taking ownership of self? Are you giving your power away? Are you the one in control of your life? Are you the one making the choices or are you letting others dictate your level of peace and joy?

Lastly, we are going to work on stepping into your greatness. People don’t want to be mediocre anymore. You guys realize that you can make choices that can change your life, change your direction and directly impact how you live. There are no more excuses to not being exactly where you want to be.

You are in control, you are absolutely in control.

Please keep sending in those comments, they really matter. We listen to what you have to say.

We will keep you posted about the new program, and I am super excited about being involved in another amazing program with you!


Jodie Baudek

copyright 2016 Jodie Baudek All Rights Reserved.

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