Today I would like to talk about the power of intentions. Are you setting your intentions? Every single morning when I wake up, I set my intentions. When you do that, it sets you in this vibration of opening yourself up to allowing those miracles you have been asking for to come into your life. And, I am a big believer of being grateful for everything. You have to say thank you for all those wonderful beautiful things in your life.

But, let’s start to learn how to set your intentions.


Today, I want to laugh.

Today, my intention is to make my clients day better.

Today, I want to go beyond my own limitations.

Today, I want to start setting up intentions.

It sets the momentum happening. Everything that I have set my intentions to do has already happened.

Somebody mentioned to me that you have to ask for what you want in life, but when it shows up you also have to be ready to receive it.

But when was the last time you asked, source, God, universe, and said, can you help me today? When was the last time you asked? When was the last time you allowed your self to receive it?

If you asked to be healthy and vibrant, and somebody noticed how good you looked, how did you respond? Were you able to receive that?

Take a look at what happens if you ask for things and then you are not able to receive them.

If you can’t receive, the blessings can’t make it to you.

Aren’t you worth being able to live your best life?

I know you are.

I am not going to tell you that it is all rainbows and unicorns, because it is not.

Some days are going to be very challenging but how you choose to react to those days, is where your power lies.

Your intention to be open to receive instead of resistance, changes the vibration of your life.

When you get into that habit, it will change your life.

If you don’t start today when are you going to do it? Your future self is waiting for you to start. Really focus on what is really right in your life right now.

Come to a place of gratitude and get out of your own way.

You are going to inspire so many people by living your best life.

I don’t care what your past was, if God can forgive you, why can’t you forgive you?

Why are you still beating your self up? Start by forgiving your self, let go of your shame, change your story and start to choose you.

I hope your life is amazing.

I hope to hear from you.

I am so grateful to all the people who sent their stories in for the next book.

We can help others in so many ways.

Thank you for sharing your story with me.


Jodie Baudek

copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved



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