Today I want to talk to you about looking at life through the eyes of a child. Seems too simple doesn’t it? But, as an adult do you think we like to over complicate things a little?

Yesterday I was asked to teach 500 little kids in the local school and it was incredible. We were silly and had way too much fun. I noticed children are so open and honest. The smallest little thing can excite them. At that age they want to investigate, learn and grow. At that age there are no limitations, they think they can do anything and they really can.

But as adults, we start putting self-imposed limitations on ourselves and think we are not good enough. Why do we think we are not good enough? Are we listening to someone’s ideas? Are you letting someone else write your story for you?

What about your dreams? Kids are not afraid to dream, and dream big! But, have you noticed that as adults we start to second guess ourselves? We hold back on even giving ourselves permission to dream. So, if you are holding back on a dream you have, even if it was just a childhood dream, I want you to give your self permission to look at life through the eyes of a child and let your self dream again.

Kids see everything as new and exciting and they aren’t worried about whether or not they are good enough to share with others.Children naturally want to share their stories with others, children naturally want to help others.

By just sharing your story and your experiences you can begin to help other people too.You don’t have to be perfect to help somebody else, you just have to be willing to take the risk.

I really think that your story can be a beautiful book, speech and even maybe could change people’s lives. Why not take the risk and grab the chance and go out there and inspire somebody else. It doesn’t have to be incredibly deep. I helped the little lady at the airport with her luggage, someone was watching and then decided to grab the wheelchair. Someone else noticed and stood up and offered his seat in first class to her. All those people who were involved in that random act of kindness, felt amazing. But if one person was afraid to reach out, the ripple effect would not have continued.

Just because we are adults doesn’t have to mean we are not able to let go and live like a child. Change your life. Reconsider all of your commitments, are you saying yes to all of them, and trying to please every body else all the time? You decide how you are going to live, you decide what choices you are going to make. Your story can inspire someone else. Your stories inspire me. Please keep sharing them!


Jodie Baudek

copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

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