Go Grab Your “To Do” List For This Week!

I’m sure you have it all planned out.And I bet it’s full of the same old routine things you do week after week.

Take the kids to school, go to work, get the grocery shopping done, cook dinner for the family, pick up dog food, clean the house, balance the check book, get that car maintenance done that you’ve been putting off, do laundry.. the list goes on and on with never ending tasks.

What time is left for you? 

Well my friend, there are 7 days in week with 24 hours in each day.
That’s 1,440 minutes a day!

I think it is safe to say that you deserve at least 60 of those minutes to dedicate to yourself.

What can you do in 60 minutes?
You can exercise!
You can paint your nails & have extra time for a face mask!
You can take a relaxing bath and ease the body of stress!
You can open a book and expand your knowledge!
You can have a long meaningful conversation with a friend!
You can successfully finish a meal at a restaurant!
You can choose to do absolutely nothing at all, and embrace every minute of peace you are experiencing.

What can you do in 30 minutes? 
You can rediscover yourself.
You can lean to set goals and make action plans to accomplish them.
You can learn to love yourself again.
You can self reflect and answer questions you’d usually avoid on your own.
You can finish a whole session of my 6 Week Change Your Life Webinar.

Aren’t you worth at least part of your time? 

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