Don’t Just Survive, I Want You To Thrive

Today I have the honor to have with me, Gloria Dollinger, a registered dietitian, mother, and business owner.  She is going to be teaching us about the power of food and how we can use our relationship with food to help change our life.

woman in kitchen making salad

As a Dietician, she knows what we should be eating,

but as a mother and a friend, she also knows, knowing… isn’t alway enough.

Lifestyle changes don’t have to be intimidating, nor overwhelming.

Just recognizing our thoughts about what we eat, or noticing how or when we eat can make significant changes in our diet and the way we look at our self, and the way we look at food.

Since we have to eat to live, I really wanted Gloria to come on my show so she could give us a glimpse at something we often overlook as an important contributing factor in the quality of our lives. Change is inevitable, so we need to also recognize that our eating patterns, exercise and lifestyles will probably change too. But if we take the time to take care of our selves, nurture our selves, and avoid the common mistakes of self-sabatoge, and running away from our issues, we can use this change as a catalyst. The power is in your hands, and on your plate. We eat everyday, so everyday you have the opportunity to choose health and wellness. Make little changes and accept your self where you are right now.

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Jodie Baudek

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