I was thinking about that one time when you were really happy, and you were smiling, and it was the most beautiful you’ve ever looked.

I was thinking about how strong you have been through out your life. How you’ve gone through so much, and yet always seem to come out on top.

I was thinking about how loving you are. And how you always seem to be there for others.

You are reliable.
You are trustworthy.

You are someone I enjoy spending my time around.

But you are also someone who doesn’t see their own worth.

And that makes me so sad.

You get so caught up in helping others, and keeping them from feeling their own pain, that you ignore your own.
Whenever someone is in need, you are there to pick them back back up.
But what about yourself?

I wish you could see how beautiful I think you are.
I wish you could see the potential with in yourself.
I wish you would stop beating yourself up, and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.

It’s not too late to reconnect with yourself.

Any time is the right time to rediscover yourself.
Now is the right time to love yourself again.

Come with me on a 6 week inward journey.

Let me guide you.
I am here for you.


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