I am so excited to introduce you to a dear friend of mine, Lori Hess, who is a Health Coach among many things. She is part of Jodie Baudek Productions, and will be a part of the crazy amazing things we have going on here.JodieBaudekProductionsLoriHess

Lori had been training hundreds of people in Chicago and very focused on food and exercise and then noticed a pattern: life happened. They weren’t able to reach the goals they really wanted to attain. Finally, a lightbulb went off and she realized that the Health Coaching piece was missing. She could help facilitate change in her clients by assisting them to understand their thoughts, behaviors and patterns that just weren’t helping them anymore.

There is so much more beyond the physical body and that does need to be addressed when considering how to change your life. For example, a client used to schedule appointments with Lori who was suffering from depression and could only feel comfortable in baggy clothes. So, Lori helped her to understand where her mentality was and what needed to be addressed first. The Change Your Life Webinar we have on our site is very similar.

People want to make changes all the time, but how many are able to be successful at actually making those changes? Very few.

Why? Because there are other factors that are not being considered but yet still impact our choices, our lives, and our world.

For instance, a lot of us are focused on our health. But, health is not just your blood pressure, it is your over all well-being. Do you notice we create certain stories to support our bad habits? Change your story! Clients that want to lose weight start of with 10 to 15 pounds and then get stuck. Sometimes their story is they “can’t” because they have never been able to, but that story can be changed. Weight is just one of the ways we can have an endless battle with our selves unnecessarily. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it for your self or for others? Are you surrounding your self with people who will support you?

Are the stories of other people affecting you? Where do you begin and end? Where does the other person begin and end? Do you have healthy boundaries?

Also, do you find your self beating your self up because you are having a bad day?  Do you notice you have an all or nothing mentality? Allow for the ups and downs and love your self more for it. We don’t just come to our happy place, it is through the challenges, and through those challenges you can better your self. That way you can be more authentic, that way you can really inspire others.

How you can understand where someone else is coming from? How can you really empathize with another? It is going through what you are experiencing right now. We all have a past, we all have stuff, it’s okay to process them in your own time. But that past, that stuff, can help other people if you let it.

Sometimes the hardest thing is just giving your self a few minutes to your self everyday. Only a few minutes can make a world of difference for the next 24 hours. It’s not that you don’t love others, but you have to learn to love your self first, by taking care of your self so you can actually be there for others when they really need you. Watch how things will change when you have determination to choose your self.

Claiming time for your self is so huge.

We are going to get into more things like working on the thoughts in your head, the nutrition that you are putting into you, physical well-being and so much more.

Keep an eye out for more youtube videos and podcasts in the weeks to come because we will be answering your questions and talking about the things you asked to hear about. Keep sending in those comments and questions, we love to hear from you guys. It makes everything so worth while.


Jodie Baudek

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