Today I would like to talk about how we can really make a difference in other people’s lives. I got an e-mail from someone who took my class over a decade ago. They walked into my studio and we hit it off right away. The wife took hours trying to help me learn some much needed computer skills. Fast forward a few years later and she and her husband came in when I moved to a bigger space to buy packages, (although they could not use them because of how far they lived), to just support me. You never know, who is paying attention, who is watching, and who will be there to support you. Fast forward again, my book comes out, and she bought it which I had no idea about. Fast forward again, she did the Six Week Change Your Life Program. And things really started to change in her life. Usually when people start they don’t write down too much, maybe six or seven lines or so. But by the end of the program people are writing paragraphs and novels!


The Ripple Effect Of Helping Others


Come to find out, because of the program she and her husband realized they had given up on their dreams. They decided to let go and stop making excuses and when they did, changes started to happen immediately. Now they are living in their dream home where they had always wanted but never thought could manage. Her message really made me cry. She said if she had not done the book and the Six Week Change Your Life program, her life would have been in shambles. She is not the first person who has said that, but I have to say the same thing to all of you. Because of you, I am being given a chance to share. We need each other don’t we? We are all here to help one another. But, in order to help someone else you have to take care of your self first.

So, I want you to choose you.

What is choosing? Choice is the act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities. What are your possibilities? You can either choose you, or you can choose excuses that make you feel better about not working towards your goals. During the Six Week Change Your Life Program, we take a lot of time to think about what goals are best to work on, and not only that, we focus on how fulfill those goals. What are the steps involved, what are the obstacles, how can they be removed, how can success be realized? That is why people choose to take this course more than once, don’t we sometimes have different goals we want to work towards?

Once you choose you, the Universe opens up. Be ready to receive, when it shows up receive it. I want you to start thinking every single day, “What went right?” Write out your intentions daily, but don’t forget to celebrate them! Cross off everything you get done during the day, big stuff and small stuff. Put a big star or clappy hand emojis! Celebrate all of you accomplishments!  You are encouraging yourself to be productive! When you do this you are also telling the Universe, that you are celebrating everything that it has blessed you with!

You never know who you are inspiring.

With this being said, when we take the time to help others, we inspire them to help themselves, which opens them up to being able to help others, and so on and so on. It has a beautiful, beautiful, ripple effect! Someone else will say thank you to you, for saving their life, by the way you lived, by the words you used, by the love you decided to share with them.  Live your best life, love, laugh and dream big.

You never know who you might be helping along the way. You never know who you might be uplifting by just trying to be a better you. By making changes you are changing the world.


Jodie Baudek

copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved


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