Every single one of you have been put here on this earth to be happy. That is one common thread that we all have, we just want to be happy. But happiness to you may not be happiness to someone else. Happiness to me is love and laughter, and all of your great energy, yoga, puppy dog kisses, being outdoors and working out. Some people hate dogs, some people hate to work out but love to get lost in a book. Everybody has a different joy, everyone has that different thing that allows them to release and to be happy.

Don’t ever let someone else steal your joy again, with their words or with their actions. You see we never know what is going on inside the person next to us. People don’t know what is going on inside of us. But I want you to stand in your truth, and stand in your joy. Don’t care about what anyone else thinks. Something beautiful happens when you are standing in your joy, you become confident. Confidence is probably the sexiest thing

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