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“Realize always that you are capable of reaching difficult goals and exceeding them, of dreaming wonderful dreams and making them come true, of achieving the only kind of success that really matters, that of being at peace with yourself and the world around you.”

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Not everyone has the time to attend workshops and retreats. But, what most people do have in common is, they do want to better their lives. Our easy to access courses were created because people just like you asked me to start sharing online. So, now it doesn’t matter where you are, or how busy your schedule is, you can start realizing your goals right away.

Pssst... Wanna Get Out Of Your Own Way?

… Wanna Get Out of Your Own Way? isn’t just a 31-day journal or a quick read and then you’re done—it’s about stepping aside and letting your true self shine! From the first page, you are committing to a lifelong journey to your inner peace and happiness!

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If you have wanted to make changes in your life, but just didn’t know where to start, this online course is for you.

Now the changes you have always wanted to make can finally start at your own pace, in your own time, anywhere you are.

You have a gift to share with the world, and we are waiting to see what you have to share!

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Jodie gives you clear and easy steps to help you create your goals, guidance on how to make choices that ensure positive results, and insights on how to avoid pitfalls that can sabotage anyone’s success.

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Exclusive Guided Meditations specifically created for this course and only available to registered members. You can listen online anytime or download for your convenience.

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We help you stay motivated and on track. Registered members can interact with other members, create their own profile and write blogs about their experiences. Questions and comments will be sent privately to each member weekly.

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” This has been such a whirlwind – everything has fallen into place like a dream. a DREAM. I can’t believe it’s happening! Rog and I are both over the moon. We’ve both been in such a bad funk — we decided to just do it, even if it meant living in his parent’s garage. But, it didn’t turn out that way at all. We have jobs. We have a beautiful house. We can ride mountain bikes in the foothills of the Estrella mountains literally right out our front door. It’s everything we were afraid to dream of! I will, i promise, write a friggin’ novel about how this unfolded!!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY SINGING HEART!

I really don’t know how to thank you for your book and webinar series. I was so, so lost Jodie. My life has been in shambles. I will write the full story out…I feel like you saved my life, in away. I certainly haven’t been living lately. I’ve been paralyzed by fear and anger and so much self doubt. Your book and webinars allowed me to diagnose the issue (I stopped dreaming. I stopped being optimistic and full of gratitude). Once I took those first steps, it all clicked! ”

I tripled my income in 31 Days!
-“I tripled my income since doing Jodie’s book, “ Pssst… Wanna Get Out Of Your Own Way“. That is always a constant running goal of mine, to increase my income. The book helped in the biggest way by doing the different “thought of the day” and just focusing my thoughts in a positive, productive way. Everyone has thoughts in their head, and those thoughts pretty much control your destiny…. What comes out of your head comes out of your mouth, and that’s what you’re throwing out to the world. And what you throw out to the world is what you will receive in return.”